Rivendell Younger Kids

YK News 3/28/2022

Happy Monday Younger Kid Families! 

It is the last week of March and we are ready for some springtime weather! We encourage students to be prepared for chilly mornings and hot afternoons. If your kiddo loves sandals when it starts to get hot, make sure to leave a pair of sneakers at school for PE. 

Last week we started our new Topic Unit – Asia! This week we are going to start our tour of Asia with some Southern Asian countries: Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Our students are excited to start learning about unique cultures and places, and continue to broaden their perspectives of our world! 

Next week is the Younger Kids’ Musical! These kids have been practicing hard for weeks and it is going to be a fabulous performance, the first time for many of them. If you have not signed up for a slot for either Wednesday 4/6 or Friday 4/7, please follow the link to sign-up below:

Younger Kids’ Musical Ticket Sign-up

This Friday is the first in April so that means that it is Sharing this week! Our theme for sharing is to bring something that makes you laugh. Help your student come up with three things they can share with their classmates! 

If you want to check the newsletters to see what’s going on around the school, you can follow this link: Newsletter Archive.

As always please let us know if you have any questions, or concerns! 


Dylan, Annie, and Seth