Rivendell Younger Kids

YK News ~ 3/7/22

Dear parents,

It is hard to believe that after finishing up this week we will enter the final quarter of the school year.  Time certainly flies!  We hope that whatever you may be up to over spring break that your time is safe and enjoyable for your family.

This week we will be finishing up our studies on Indigenous Peoples of North America.  The final region on which we are focusing is the desert southwest.  We will be talking a lot about Mesa Verde and the amazing people who built their lives there. We have a fun clay project that we are looking forward to doing with our students that will allow us to recreate a cliff dwelling in our own classrooms.  It should be a great last week on this topic.  

The big news around school this week is the science fair!  Middle Kid and Older Kid students have been working on their science fair projects and have prepared their demonstration boards for you to view.  We will be taking our classes out to get a good look at the projects later this week.  If you are interested in judging the science fair please stop by the office and see if there remains a need.

Other news about the happenings in and around Rivendell can be found in the Sunday e-newsletter.  To look back at old newsletters check out the link here: Newsletter Archive

Have a super week and a wonderful spring break!

Seth, Annie and Dylan