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Monday, April 25, 2022

Dear Parents,

The kids have been so excited today to come in and see the new desks and chairs which were delivered to the Younger Kids classroom last Friday!  It was your generosity and goodwill for our Fun Run back in the fall that made this a reality.  Thanks again for all of your support!

This is the final week of April and that means Sharing!  This Friday students can bring in an item that fits our theme, Something you would take with you on a trip. Please help your child to remember that the item needs to fit inside their cubby.  Any assistance you can give to your child in coming up with, and practicing saying, three things about their item is much appreciated.

The biggest event happening Friday, however, is not sharing, it is our Journey to Asia day!  We are so excited for this amazing opportunity for our students to finalize their learning on this topic with an exciting, school-wide activity.  The last couple of years have made events like these few and far between and we can’t wait to see the joy on the kids’ faces!

Next week we will begin our final theme of the year as we spend our remaining weeks learning about mammals.  Our students love animals and we are confident that they will love learning about interesting mammals from all over the world.

In your child’s Friday Folder last week you should have received a permission slip for our upcoming field trip to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.  If you haven’t already, please fill out both sides of the permission slip and return it to school.

One last important item to consider is our Rivendell School yearbook. Today is the final day for ordering them! Visit www.treering.com/validate and use code 1013336780932659 to order a Rivendell yearbook!  They will be delivered by the last week of school.

If you need a link to the Rivendell Sunday newsletter, or if you would like to check out any from our archive, you may find it by clicking here.

Have a terrific week!

Seth, Annie and Dylan