Rivendell Younger Kids

YK News ~ 9/21/2020

Hello Younger Kid Families,

We are really in the swing of things in Younger Kids and are now following our schedule with regular math, reading and writing worksessions. The kids are doing well learning our classroom routines and being independent!

If you would like to see pictures of Younger Kids in action, feel free to visit the Younger Kids Classroom Pages. There you will see the most recent Younger Kids News (Monday Note) and links on the sidebar to our Author of the Month page and Younger Kids Pictures. 

Our September Author of the Month is Julia Cook.  Her fun and engaging books teach valuable social and emotional skills, from tattling (Tattle Tongue) to interrupting (My Mouth is a Volcano!). Later this month, kids will complete an Author of the Month Writing, drawing a picture and writing about their favorite Julia Cook book.

In Topic Work, over the last two weeks, we have learned about Romulus and Remus, Roman aqueducts, Roman numerals, the Roman Colosseum and more! We will be finishing up our Roman mosaic project this week. Students have been getting lots of small motor practice cutting strips of colored paper into squares for their mosaic tiles. Later this week, we will learn about Ancient Greece and listen to Greek myths as the kids decorate Greek tragedy and comedy masks and make them beautiful with glitter and feathers! 

In other news, we are getting ready for the Rivendell Fun Run! Last week, your child brought home a packet of information about Fun Run and how it works.  Please be sure to take a moment to review this.  All donations will be through Rivendell’s Fun Run Giving Site

Given the current health climate, we have made some changes to Fun Run in accordance with the Larimer County Health Department guidelines.

  • Students will run with their age group only.  Groups will be spread out, similar to the recess schedule.
  • Students will enjoy individually packaged snacks, handed out by the teacher.
  • Parents, relatives, and friends of family will not be able to watch in-person.  We will film and take pictures to compile a video for your family and others to enjoy.

    If you have any questions, please contact Madeline at madeline@rivendell-school.org. 

We hope that you have a wonderful week!

Annie and Dylan