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YK News ~ 2/22/22

Hello YK Parents,

We hope that you enjoyed the three day weekend! 

This week, we will continue our Native American studies with learning about the Indigenous Peoples of the Plains. We will discuss how they lived and how their life revolved around the movement of the bison. We’ll do a fun buffalo activity and build model tepees!

For the remainder of the year, we will no longer have an Author of the Month. Instead, in order to expose our students to a wider variety of authors, we will have Books of the Month. At the end of each month, kids will write about their favorite book. 

Since this is the last Friday of the month, we will have SHARING. The theme for this week will be to share something that is either a CIRCLE, a SQUARE or a TRIANGLE. As always, please help your child to choose an item that will fit in their cubby. It is also helpful if you can have your child practice saying three things about the item they chose to share.

If you have not viewed this week’s Rivendell newsletter, you may read it here.

Happy Tuesday, have a nice week and stay warm!

Annie, Seth & Dylan

Monday, February 14, 2022

Dear parents,

Happy Valentine’s Day!  It was wonderful to be here with your kiddos today to celebrate this special day.  We hope that they came home with loads of fun stories to share about our activities.

Throughout the next several weeks we will be teaching our students about Indigenous Peoples from various locations around the United States.  This week we are focusing on the tribes of the Pacific Northwest.  We have a fun totem pole project planned that we think the kids will really enjoy.

As you are probably all aware of by now, this week is Rivendell Has Heart week!  The three Younger Kids classes are collecting diapers and wipes.  Gently used clothing can also be donated up near the front of the school. Thanks for your help with this!

Our theme days for the remainder of the week are;

  • Tuesday – Travel Day! Wear clothing from a place you have traveled.
  • Wednesday – Pattern Day 
  • Thursday – Book Character Day
  • Friday – School Pride Day

This info was also in the Rivendell Newsletter which went out yesterday.  If you want to check up with past Rivendell newsletters you can follow the link here:  Newsletter Archives – Rivendell School  

We hope your Valentine’s Day is filled with Love!  Have a great rest of the week,

Seth, Dylan and Annie