Weather Closure

Rivendell will be closed Tuesday, January 16 due to inclement weather. This includes all daycare, enrichment classes and meetings.

Our Mission

Helping children achieve academic and personal excellence through individualized education.

Founded in 1976, Rivendell School is the oldest nonprofit secular private school in Fort Collins. Thanks to the vision and hard work of our state-licensed teachers and involved parents, we have proudly helped hundreds of children grow into well-educated, imaginative, caring, and responsible citizens.

Rivendell School’s individualized approach to education—a proven method for increasing subject mastery—focuses on the progress of each child rather than on the class average. Each student is constantly evaluated, challenged, and encouraged to perform to his or her full potential. Engaging every individual in the learning process produces the best results for each student.

At Rivendell, we believe that:

  • Each child is unique.
  • Academics are a function of ability, not age.
  • As children work and learn different academic skills, these concepts are to be mastered and internalized.
  • Concepts need to be mastered, because further acquisition of knowledge and skills is based on previously mastered concepts and skills.
  • In order for children to become lifelong problem solvers, each child must experience the process of formulating answers to academic and social problems and test these in a safe environment. Through this process they learn how to make better choices, and like the proverb, learn “If at first you don’t succeed; try, try, again.”
  • Learning is a cooperative effort of the child, teacher and parent. Throughout these interactions respect of the individual is modeled and learned.

Our Rivendell graduates are self-motivated, organized learners who are well equipped to take on the challenges of secondary school—and beyond—both academically and socially. Rivendell School is northern Colorado’s most well-respected elementary school-of-choice.