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Science and Social Studies

Science and social studies are taught in school-wide topic units each year. Topics are organized so that essential skills and knowledge that all elementary students need to know before middle school are taught each year. For example, each year Rivendell studies one of the continents. In the study of a continent, students also learn map-reading skills, geography, cultural literacy, and history. Science topics focus on the scientific process as well as inquiry-based learning. The topics repeat on a four-year cycle.

Topic studies at Rivendell are exciting for teachers, students, and parents. Teachers truly integrate the topics into all areas of learning, and student products are usually on display throughout the school for all to see. Hands-on activities and thought-provoking assignments truly engage our students in not only learning the facts but connecting with the content in personal and meaningful ways.

Rivendell School-Wide Topic Units:

Year One:
Community Connections
Ancient Asia
Simple Machines
Westward Expansion
Colorado History
Year Two:
Community Connections
Industrial Revolution/Immigration
The Senses
Freshwater Habitats
Year Three:
Community Connections
Ancient Greece and Rome
The Democratic Process
Systems of the Body
Colonial America/American Revolution
Year Four:
Community Connections
The Solar System
Central/South America
Land Forms & Geology (Colorado Geography)
First Nations
Australia and Oceania