Weather Closure

Rivendell will be closed Tuesday, January 16 due to inclement weather. This includes all daycare, enrichment classes and meetings.

Shop and Support

Did you know you can make money for the school just by doing your normal activities? It only takes a few clicks to get started.

King Soopers Community Rewards: Link your King Soopers Plus card to Rivendell School and then all you have to do is swipe your Plus Card or enter your alternate ID at checkout. Saving money on gas and groceries and supporting the school is a win-win!

Rivendell Apparel Store: Purchase gear that shows your Rivendell pride! Choose your design and colors for shirts, hoodies, hats, and more. A portion of each purchase goes back to Rivendell.

Shop with Scrip (Gift Cards)

You can help Rivendell by purchasing gift cards from your favorite merchants through our Shop with Scrip program. We want to make the experience as simple as possible for you, so read below to learn more about the program and the three ways you can participate. To sign up, go to and join our program with code CC79LDL88231.

About Scrip

What is Scrip?

Scrip is a gift card fundraiser. More than 750 retailers sell gift cards to Rivendell at a discount, and then we sell them to you at face value. The difference between our discounted price and the face value of the card turns into fundraising dollars for Rivendell.

When you purchase Scrip cards for things you already buy – like groceries, gas, and fast food - you help us to raise money for the school. Your only investment is a little time and planning ahead.

Here’s how the rebate works: Safeway sells Rivendell a $100 gift card for $96 (4% rebate), then Rivendell sells you a $100 gift card for $100. The school just earned $4 and it cost you nothing!

The full list of retailers is available here and at the front desk.

How is the money raised through Scrip used?

All funds raised go to our general fund.

How do I Buy Gift Cards?

There are three ways to purchase gift cards:

In-stock sales (physical cards): Stop by the front desk for a list of cards we have on hand and available for immediate purchase. These orders can be charged to your school account, paid by check, or paid with a credit card through Zelle.

Paper Order Form (physical cards): If there’s a gift card you’d like to order that isn’t in stock, you can easily place an order through the front desk by filling out an order form. Orders are placed every other week based on demand and take 8-10 days to arrive.

Scrip Now and Presto Pay  (online - digital or physical): To fully manage your orders, you can set up an online account at (please allow a few days to set up your account). Once your account is ready you can order online with Scrip NOW and PRESTO PAY through a credit card or by linking your checking account to Scrip.

You can order Scrip NOW from your computer or smartphone, and the gift card will be emailed to you within minutes.

There are hundreds of national retailers offering Scrip Now – so it’s a great way to order Scrip on the go when unexpected purchases come up or if we do not stock that gift card at the school.

To get started, visit and enter enrollment code CC79LDL88231.