Weather Closure

Rivendell will be closed Tuesday, January 16 due to inclement weather. This includes all daycare, enrichment classes and meetings.

Younger Kids (PreK through 1st Grade)

Empowered to Explore

In Younger Kids, daily one-on-one teaching ensures that each child is being appropriately challenged. Time each day is spent on reading, writing, and math, but our program goes far beyond these important academic foundations. Younger Kids also participate in art, music, PE, Spanish, and technology classes, and science and social studies units are incorporated throughout the school year.

Rivendell Younger Kids classes are a balanced mix of Pre-K through 1st grade students. Students who will turn 5 between the first day of the school year and December 31st can enroll as pre-kindergarteners in a Younger Kids class. This mixed age model allows students to be learners, as well as leaders.

The learning in Younger Kids also extends beyond the classroom. We believe that kids need to play so we incorporate several blocks of playtime into our daily schedule. During these times we help kids develop a strong sense of responsibility, independence, self-esteem, and empathy. The social and emotional skills learned in these interactions are among the most important lessons students learn at this age.

Our overall goal in Younger Kids is to build a community of confident, happy, independent, and responsible learners.

My daughter struggled with learning to read and she did not like school. We moved her to Rivendell and within weeks of enrolling, her self-confidence improved, she was excited about school. Rivendell gave my daughter the support and individualized learning plan she needed to be successful and most importantly, she loves school and learning again! ~ Erica, Rivendell Parent