Weather Closure

Rivendell will be closed Tuesday, January 16 due to inclement weather. This includes all daycare, enrichment classes and meetings.



Rivendell technology classes aim to teach students not only how to use computers and technology, but also underlying concepts of computer science. Students need to learn to use computers, so that in the classroom they can use the computer to learn. If they also understand how computer technology works, they are better able to make those computers do the task they need it to do.

Rivendell has a computer lab with Windows computers, with a firewall that protects students from inappropriate material. In all grade levels the computer teacher works with the classroom teachers and other specials teachers to help support what students are learning in the classroom, and enable efficient and creative use of technology in studying other subject areas.

  • In Younger Kids we focus on controlling the mouse, becoming familiar with how to use the computers in the lab, and computer vocabulary. Students begin to use the computer to create art, begin familiarizing themselves with the keyboard, and are introduced to fundamental computing concepts like sequential instructions.
  • Middle Kids start practicing touch-typing, and we start working on how to do useful research on the web which will help them to write their recitations, reports and stories. Students get more time to learn image painting and manipulation and move on to simple video editing. Coding challenges become more advanced, introducing ideas like loops and conditionals.
  • Older Kids continue to work on touch-typing and will be doing a lot of writing on the computer. Every Older Kid gets a secure Rivendell email account so that they can access their documents from Chromebooks in the classroom or at home. We work on research skills, internet safety, document creation (text, presentations and spreadsheets), and image & video creation and editing, with an eye towards helping them make creative presentations for their classroom work. And we dive deeper into computer science concepts (binary numbers, input/output, data storage, algorithms) and do more advanced coding.