Lunch Program

Fall 2020: Given the current health climate, we are placing a temporary hold on our hot lunch program, which usually caters from restaurants around the community. At this time, we ask that all students bring a packed lunch. We do not have refrigerators or microwaves available, so please be sure to use an ice pack or Thermos when needed. Younger Kids, Middle Kids, and Older Kids will need to also provide their own snack. Preschool classes will have a snack provided each morning.

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Rivendell's lunch program strives to maintain healthy nutrition and ingredients, and is sourced locally from Fort Collins restaurants.

Cost: Rivendell's hot lunch program will start with the first day of school. Lunch costs $5.50 per meal, tax included. Milk or water (drinking fountains or students' own water bottle) will be available with all hot lunches, and students bringing lunches from home may purchase individual milk cartons for $.50 each.

Procedure: Lunch tickets are available for sale in the office and can be used any day of the school year. Students purchasing hot lunch must drop their lunch ticket in their classroom bucket across from the front desk by 8:45 am. Students must circle their lunch choice for the day. Choices are listed on the back side of the lunch tickets. Please note that lunch counts for the school will be phoned in to the day's supplier by 8:45 am. If a child will be late to school and wants to purchase hot lunch, please call in the lunch order to the school office by 8:45 am. Parents are invited to send supplemental lunch foods with their child if they wish to add to the hot lunch menu. And, as always, participation in the hot lunch program is completely voluntary.