Weather Closure

Rivendell will be closed Tuesday, January 16 due to inclement weather. This includes all daycare, enrichment classes and meetings.


Why choose Rivendell? Here's what our parents have to say about the Rivendell experience.

Rivendell School is the best investment we could have ever made for our daughters' early childhood & elementary school years. What price do you place on never, ever hearing your child say, "I don't want to go to school?"  Not once in 6 years. The small classroom sizes make Rivendell School a place of curiosity, exploration and individual successes. The staff makes Rivendell a family. Our girls are more than ready for Middle School, they are lifelong learners—thanks to Rivendell School.

—John & Nina, Rivendell parents

Our son went to Rivendell from preschool through graduation in 5th grade. His experience there has laid a foundation which will serve him the rest of his life. He came into Rivendell very sensitive, shy and self contained but ready to learn. The Rivendell teachers began teaching him math skills in preschool, and by the time he left he was doing much higher than grade level work and loving it. He was able to soar in another topic of strength, English and vocabulary. Individualized education is incredible and no one else does it like Rivendell does – they know how to do it successfully. Beyond this, the small environment and family style culture of Rivendell taught him how to deal with multiple types of children. All of this has served him incredibly well as he has adjusted seamlessly into a 700+ public middle school. He was not concerned at all, faced with making new friends and dealing with new school responsibilities and subjects, and I know that is because of the confidence he gained in himself at Rivendell. And the graduation speeches? Amazing! I couldn’t speak in front of a group of 200+ people until college – and he did it without a hitch when he was 11. Rivendell has something special, and it shows in the kids who go there.

—Karen, Rivendell parent

Our journey to Rivendell began in 2009 when we moved to Fort Collins and needed to make the best choice for our kids’ education. Our son Michael was entering third grade that Fall and was extremely bright, but not a traditional learner and certainly a unique soul. From the very first day we were impressed with how the Rivendell staff met Michael right where he was, supporting him in reaching ever-higher levels in his favorite subject areas, and also doing an excellent job getting him to give his very best effort in the subjects that were more challenging, or less interesting.

While our son attended Older Kids our daughter Isabella spent two years in Rivendell preschool, and is now in a Younger Kids classroom. Like her brother before her Isabella is thriving at Rivendell. The wonderful teachers there have given her the priceless gift of a love for learning, and it shows in everything she does.

When Michael moved into his final Spring at Rivendell in 2012, we began to wonder how the transition to middle school would go -- this would be completely new. His caring teachers who had come to know him so well helped us decide which school suited him best based on his unique talents and personality. And when the time came, instead of resembling a shaky young bird being dragged from a comfortable nest, Michael proved to be amazingly well prepared for his new adventure. We could see that his Rivendell experience had played a very important part in fostering a strong sense of self, and the confidence to step up and meet the new social and academic demands of this next level of education.

Rivendell has been such a unique part, and will now always be a cherished part of our Colorado experience. We have been completely satisfied with the choice to enroll our kids there.

—Larry & Cathy, Rivendell Parents

When we moved to Fort Collins we had no idea which schools to pick, so we simply chose to start at our local public neighborhood elementary. My 6-year-old first grader who loves school and was used to Montessori and Waldorf environments immediately began complaining of nausea and stomach aches because he had to sit too long at his desk. My 4-year-old son was shunned because of his strong willful, masculine energy. Desperate to find a solution, we happened upon Rivendell, drawn in by the colorful Flying Arts sculpture and expansive playground. The principal introduced me personally to many of the happy, lively teachers and I was sold instantly. All the teachers deal skillfully and creatively with positive tactics to reroute behaviors, and subsequently both my sons are thriving, flourishing and excelling at Rivendell just the way they are.

—Rachel, Rivendell Parent