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Where We Learn, Where We Grow

by Jeff Benjamin, for Rivendell School
Music and lyrics © 2010

Where we learn, where we grow,
Where we reap the seeds that we sow.
Where we work and play, send us on our way,
Oh, the places we will go.

Roots grow deep, roots grow strong,
Roots to show us where we belong.
Come and take our hand, guide us through this land,
So we know we're not alone.

Teach us well, let us shine,
Oh Rivendell, show us mountains to climb.

We will dream, we'll aim high,
We will set our sights on the sky.
Teach us all you know, and then let us go,
And see how far we fly.


Repeat Verse 1

Where we learn.

Counter Melody:
I can grow, I can be anything that I can dream.
Reach out my hand, now I understand that I hold the key.
I am strong, I belong in a place I can be me.
Open the door, I'm free to explore all that I can see.
Teach me, show me, I have mountains to climb.

Sheet Music: Where We Learn, Where We Grow (pdf)

Recording: © 2014 Jeff Benjamin with Rivendell Older Kids. Counter-melody sung by Kate Wold.