Rivendell will be closed Wednesday, Feb. 22 due to inclement weather.

Summer Camp public registration will still open at 8am. If you need assistance, please email rivendell-camps@rivendell-school.org or call 970-493-9052 and press 5 to leave a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Creative Learning

Students at Rivendell have extensive opportunities for creativity. Whether through specials (Spanish, art, music, technology or PE), or simply in the classroom and embedded in the core content, students are encouraged to bring their creativity into their learning. Rivendell students are explicitly taught the creative process. Teachers are trained in encouraging creative behaviors in students as well as assisting students in self-evaluating their own creative products. There are many opportunities to infuse creativity into the learning experience at Rivendell, whether it’s through creative play, thematic topic units, or research and presentations. Students are more engaged when they are allowed to incorporate their own choices and creative strengths into the learning experience. We believe creativity is an essential skill for students in the twenty-first century.