Weather Closure

Rivendell will be closed Tuesday, January 16 due to inclement weather. This includes all daycare, enrichment classes and meetings.

Cards, Dice, Spinners and Pieces

May 28-31 (4 days)
Ages 9-11
Annie Carey & Dylan Hunt
Cost: $265

Long afternoons, rainy days, car rides, campgrounds. There are times and places when an old-fashioned board game or card game is just right! In this camp, kids will get to play various board games, and learn plenty of card games to play solo or with a group! Campers will even get to take home their very own deck of cards to take playing home with them! Register here.
(4 day camp due to the Memorial Day holiday. No camp Monday, May 27th.)

Devise, Destruct, Discover

June 3-7
Ages 9-11
Jeff Benjamin & Christin Gallagher
Cost: $315

If your kiddo likes to create, engineer, re-engineer, construct, deconstruct and concoct, this is the camp for them. We will make things, build things, take things apart, inspect, and reverse engineer projects. Come discover how things work, what’s inside, and build your own creations. Register here.

Bike Camp

June 10-14
Ages 9-11
Sarah Maharry & Jared Conn
Cost: $375

Hop on your bike and let's ride the bike paths of Fort Collins and explore. We will check out the Gardens on Spring Creek, investigate the Discovery Center, go bowling and experience Laporte's famous Vern's Cinnamon Rolls. You must be able to ride a bike, provide your own bike with at least 24 inch wheels, and have a helmet and bike lock. Register here.

Tracks and Scat

June 17-21 (4 days)
Ages 9-11
Deborah McIntyre & Kelly Hobbs-Perry
Cost: $265

Bear or bobcat? Elk, deer or mountain sheep? Dog or mountain lion? Can you identify some of Colorado’s most celebrated herbivores and carnivores by looking at their scat or tracks? Come spend four days distinguishing and creating models of wildlife tracks and scat while learning about their habitats and place in Colorado ecosystems. Register here.

(4 day camp due to Juneteenth holiday. No camp Wednesday, June 19th.)

Show Choir

June 24-28
Ages 9-11
Jared Conn & Emma Rues
Cost: $315

Do you love to dance and sing? Come join us for a fun filled week as we explore show tunes and choreography throughout the ages. It is guaranteed to get your toes tapping and your voice singing. Register here.

Have You Heard?

July 1-5 (4 days)
Ages 9-11
Jeff Benjamin & Jared Conn
Cost: $265

Do you love sound, music, dialog… even noise? This camp will explore the world of vibration and sound. Find out what sound is, make recordings, produce beats and play--or even create--instruments, produce an audio story or podcast. This camp will be music to your ears. Register here.

(4 day camp due to the Independence Day holiday. No camp Thursday, July 4th.)

Breaking the Code

July 8-12
Ages 9-11
Jeff Benjamin & Will Gallagher
Cost: $315

Do you have an idea for an amazing game, computer simulation or digital art or music? Learn the basics of how computer code works and create it! We'll introduce the basics of programming to create our own apps during the week. No previous coding experience necessary. Register here.

Rivendell Rock

July 15-19
Ages 9-11
Jared Conn
Cost: $315

Are you missing some rock to your roll? This camp will explore the world of rock 'n' roll. Gear up for rock history, rock appreciation and theory, and then band practice until the end of the day. You're encouraged to bring instruments from home to our jam sessions. Register here.

Cycle City Bike Camp

July 22-26
Ages 9-11
Sarah Maharry & Taylor Hebden
Cost: $375

Get on your bike and let's ride. We will roll over the bike trails and venture off road on some dirt paths and pump tracks. We'll explore trails along the Poudre River Trail, battle each other at laser tag, cool off at the splash pad at Spring Canyon Park and eat some ice cream along the way. You must be able to ride a bike, provide your own bike with at least 24 inch wheels, and have a helmet and bike lock. Register here.


July 29-August 2 and August 5-9 (Two Week Enrollment only)
Ages 7-12
Jared Conn
Cost: $650

Does your child have a love of theatre, music, and choreography? Join us for a two week adventure exploring the world of musical theatre with a special performance for families on the last day. This is a two week camp to get ready for the big performance. Register here.

LEGO Robotics

Ages 9-12
Michael Espinoza & Leo Matrix
Cost: $315 ($265 for 4-day week)

Spend a week building and programming a robot using the LEGO® MindStorms NXT kits and working with partners to create a "scene" or display during the Great Contraptions build weeks. Design your own robot to complete tasks - each week will offer a different challenge. Award-winning coaches will guide you through the process. Bring your imagination, enthusiasm and willingness to be saturated with this high tech opportunity! No previous experience is necessary. Register here. For ages 9-12.

June 3-7Great Contraptions: Your Pet Robot. Create your own pet robot.
June 10-14Great Contraptions: Robots in Disguise. Build a robot that looks like one thing, but is really another thing.
June 17-21Great Contraptions: Dodge Bots. Make robots that try to avoid being hit with a ball. (4 days only; no camp Wednesday, June 19th.)
June 24-28Great Contraptions: Silly Gadgets. What kind of silly robot can you make?
July 1-5Great Contraptions: Tug O'Bots. Pull a robot with a robot. (4 days only; no camp Thursday, July 4.)
July 8-12Great Contraptions: Roboflow. Create robot movement with rhythm.
July 15-19Great Contraptions: Handibots. Build robots that help when help is needed.
July 22-26Great Contraptions: Briccaso. Get art out of a robot.
July 29-Aug 2Great Contraptions: Safe Cracker. Make a puzzle and see if it can be solved by a robot.
August 5-9Great Contraptions: Bumper cars. Be careful not to be pushed around.
Register here.