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Art in Nature, Nature in Art

June 1-4
Ages 6-12
Carol Mouton and Cat Giglio
Cost: $230

Join us as we bring our beautiful outdoors into the art room with projects using natural items and inspiration. We will create our own earthy magic with paint, clay and other fun materials. Come with us as we celebrate, in artistic form, our magnificent Mother Earth! FULL This camp is full, but you can sign up for the wait list. Register here.

(4 day camp due to the Memorial Day holiday. No camp Monday, May 31st.)

Wonders of the World

June 7-11
Ages 6-12
Christin Gallagher and Cat Giglio
Cost: $280

Come join us for a unique opportunity for learning and creativity as we discover the Wonders of the World. We will travel around the globe in search of the world’s most amazing places. Campers will create unique art projects based on their discoveries, ancient cultures, and more using creativity and critical thinking skills. Register here.

Pet Art: Art of Pets, by Pets and For Pets

June 14-18
Ages 6-12
Annie Carey and Dylan Hunt
Cost: $280

Whether you have a fuzzy friendship with a cat, or a dog, or if you dream of having a scaly playmate, like a lizard or fish, this art camp will celebrate them all! We love our pets and imagine all kinds of ways to care for them. In this class, campers will get a chance to explore different types of art for and about our animal companions! FULL This camp is full, but you can sign up for the wait list. Register here.


June 21-July 2
Ages 8-12
Bryce Warren and Beate Walde
Cost: $550

Hand built pottery is an ancient art form that everyone must experience. Come spend two crafty weeks with us creating incredible and useful pieces of art out of clay. We will explore many handbuilding techniques as we sculpt a variety of items, some decorative and some useful in the kitchen or around the house. You will get to take part in every step of the process, from sculpting to firing to glazing. You will even end up with some pieces you could give as gifts that can be enjoyed for a lifetime! Our class culminates with a gallery walk where you can show off your hard work. Come build some art and some memories with us! FULL This camp is full, but you can sign up for the wait list. Register here.

*This camp is only available for two week enrollment since we build our projects the first week, fire them over the weekend, and finish and glaze them the second week. This is also a class with important demonstrations first thing each morning. Please try not to schedule conflicting appointments.

*PLEASE NOTE: this class is for 8-12 year olds only.

Crazy for Collage

July 5-9
Ages 6-12
Cat Giglio and Tina Wood
Cost: $280

Are you ready to be inspired by papers, textures, shapes and form? We'll create works in 2D and 3D using found materials, paste paper, gelli plates, and more! If you love to create unique, colorful collages, this is the camp for you. Register here.

People, Places and Printmaking

July 19-23
Ages 6-12
Cat Giglio and Tina Wood
Cost: $280

Creating art with printmaking is a fascinating process that goes back to ancient civilizations and is over 5000 years old! In this class, we'll create prints with paper, foam, clay, fabric, ink, foil and more…all while we learn about the people and places that make up the history of this beautiful and interesting art form. Register here.

Landscapes: Real and Imaginary

July 26-30
Ages 6-12
Tina Wood and Cat Giglio
Cost: $280

Do you dream of visiting faraway places? That's just what we'll do - through art! Join us as we sketch, paint, print, and sculpt the scenes from our beautiful world, as well as those from books, dreams, and pure imagination. Learn the basics of landscape art, and be inspired by great artists of the past too! FULL This camp is full, but you can sign up for the wait list. Register here.

Colorful Colorado

August 9-13
Ages 6-12
Christin Gallagher and Elise Behunin
Cost: $280

Join us as we show our Colorado Pride! In this camp, we will be learning about important landmarks in Colorado, symbols that are associated with Colorado, the meaning behind our state flag, and so much more. Projects include but are not limited to; Colorado tie-dye, handprint Colorado flags, aspen tree paintings, and suncatchers. Come celebrate our beautiful state of Colorado through art! FULL This camp is full, but you can sign up for the wait listRegister here.