Weather Closure

Rivendell will be closed Tuesday, January 16 due to inclement weather. This includes all daycare, enrichment classes and meetings.

“Rivendell Has Heart” Week

During Valentine’s Day Week in February, the Rivendell community comes together to support a charitable cause in celebration of “Rivendell Has Heart" Week. This year, we are excited to support the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. 

Every student will be given 5 pink paper slips that each represent $1 to donate to the cause. They can decorate these slips at home and then bring them back in with the amount of money you would like to donate (up to $5). However, if you would like to donate more than that to this foundation, that is much appreciated and always accepted! 

We will then be linking the whole school’s paper links together to exhibit a "chain reaction” of giving during Rivendell Has Heart Week. Many members of the Rivendell community have been directly affected by breast cancer and we are determined and happy to give back.

You are welcome to donate directly to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation at this link: